Problem: The actual bitrate (1) is lower than settings bitrate (2)

There are 3 possible reasons of such a behavior:

1.Processor load is too high. You can check your processor load on Xtreamer monitor (3) or in your Task Manager. The processor load should not be higher than 80%.

Solution: Turn off the software that you are not using at the moment. Change the Encoder value (6) to Software – Speed or Hardware(QSV) – Speed (try both variants)

2. Internet speed is too low. You can check your inetrnet speed here.

Solution: set lower bitrate or contact your inetrnet provider

3. FPS is lower than expected (as shown on the screenshot above). Actual FPS (4) is different from settings FPS (5).

Solution: try to increase actual FPS – in most cases, this issue is caused by insufficient lighting in your room. If it doesn’t work, switch FPS setting (5) to the value equal to actual FPS (4).

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