Xtreamer helps you to set the maximum quality of the webcam stream that can be provided by your web camera, processor and internet connection. Before starting your broadcast, you can set your preferences and check if they are correct.

Choose the device (1). Choose the web camera which will be used for the broadcast.

Choose an audio device (2). Choose the microphone which will be used for the broadcast.

Set Bitrate (3). Choose the bitrate number from the list. We recommend using 2000 and more if your network is able to proceed such traffic. 

Set Resolution (4). Choose the resolution supported by your camera from the list.

Set Frame Rate (5). Choose the frames per second number supported by your camera from the list. We recommend choosing “30”.

Choose Encoder (6). For the first connection, we recommend using the default value. If you will be unsatisfied with the video quality or the CPU load (8) will be too high, we recommend to try different variants. 

Set sound preferences (7) or leave the default.

Check your actual video performance (9 and 10). It will help you to understand if your web camera and computer are able to perform fine with chosen preferences in current conditions. If these numbers are different from the ones you set, they will be marked with yellow or red. In this case, we suggest changing values in settings or contact our support team.

After setting preferences click “Start Streaming” button to connect to the server and check performance values again (for some web cameras you should wait up to 30 seconds to stabilize stream). Now you can see the specifications of the video that is received by the server. You can change the Bitrate value during the stream. If you want to change Resolution or Frame Rate, please stop your broadcast and reopen Xtreamer.


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