Using remote desktop feature is easy and has many advantages for streamers. Besides RTMP streaming, it allows users to multistream to platforms that use different streaming technology (e.g. Flash Player and others). In addition, the user has a common access feature, VPN advantages, and others.

The streamer has remote access to one of our servers and establishes his stream there. The server has a built-in webcam splitter and all necessary software for broadcasting. 

To connect to remote desktop click “Launch Cloud Computer” button after your stream starts if your pricing plan provides this service.

Remote desktop opens in full-screen mode. To collapse or close it use the small control panel at the top of your screen.

To start streaming RTMP open Xtreamer software (1) and follow instructions on RTMP multistreaming. To start streaming Adobe Flash or HTML5 open Google Chrome browser (2).

Besides the possibility to process high loads, internet traffic saving and splitting the video for Adobe Flash/RTMP streaming, using remote desktop has some additional advantages:

Using remote desktop as VPN. As the remote desktop located on a dedicated server, it has all functions of VPN. It gives access for the streaming platforms which is blocked in some countries. Streaming platforms don’t have information about the streamer’s location and streamer’s provider doesn’t have information about user websites visits.

Using remote desktop for common access. Two users can access one remote desktop at the same time and work with it together. For example, one of them can be a broadcaster and another one communicates with stream viewers. Please read more information about common access feature here.

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