1. Download and install software

Download our software Xtreamer Client (compatible with Microsoft Windows only).

2. Create an account

Sign up on our website and verify your account by confirming your e-mail, choose your account type and tariff plan.

3. Deposit your account (if needed)

If you are going to use the paid plan, please refill your account first. For “per hour” pricing plan you can deposit any amount, for “per month” pricing plan your deposit amount should be not less than a monthly payment.

Notice: After account activation, every user has all the features of the chosen pricing plan available for the first 5 hours of streaming as the free trial.

4. Launch Xtreamer

Launch application

5. Log in Xtreamer

Enter the login and password that you created for your account.

6. Launch your stream

Choose your streaming devices (1, 2) set your video bitrate (3), tune other settings (4) if needed and start your connection to the server (5).

7. Connect streaming platforms.

Multistream in RTMP (Basic, Lite and Pro versions) or use Cloud Computer (Pro version only)

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