1. Register 2 user accounts on https://account.xtreamer.io/ – one for the Broadcaster and one for the Stream Operator (choose the basic pricing plan for the Stream Operator).

2. Contact our support team via online chat to allow connection between 2 users.

3. The Stream Operator downloads the Assistance software and unzips the folder.

4. The Broadcaster opens Xtreamer, clicks “Start Streaming” button and Launches a cloud computer .

5. The Broadcaster opens Remote Client on the Remote Desktop and waits for the Streamer Operator connection.

6. The Stream Operator runs Xtreamer.RemoteAssistant.exe file.

7. The Stream Operator types his credentials in “Username” (1) and “Password” (2) fields, the name of the user you want to connect to in “User to invite” field (3) and click “Invite” button (4).

8. The Streamer Operator types “123456” in the password field

9. The Broadcaster will see the Operator connection notice and will need to confirm the connection.

10. The Streamer Operator requests access to remote control and the Broadcaster grants it.

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